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Just a few questions to get you started talking…

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Um, I’m just a dumb housewife and all but would someone explain to me why there is so much arguing over how to jump start the economy.  One camp seems to be intent on lowering (or eliminating) capital gains taxes and another on putting some (or a whole truckload of) money into public works to create jobs.  Would it be possible to just do both? Or would that somehow be clipping the one thread holding everything together and cause mass chaos?  Just curious. Please fill me in, someone.

Here’s another question.  Where do you get your news from?  What do you consider the most reliable sources to turn to when you want to get informed on whatever news or issues are out there? Just curious, again.

OK, here’s a doozie.  What do you think is the best way to eliminate terrorism around the globe?  I was hearing a very interesting commentary on this, and the interviewee was saying we need to get to the root of the problem if we are ever going to solve it, and that is when someone changed the channel on me.  Now I know what the root of the problem is with my HOME, but not with terrorism.  What do YOU think the root is?

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Within the past year or so, I remember reading a news article on the web about a mother who accidentally left her small child in a car seat on a hot day, all day.  The baby died of course.  The woman was an educated loving mother and no one could ever imagine her doing anything to hurt her children.  The day in question was a very busy day and she was planning an appreciation get together for the people she supervised at work.  Instead of taking the usual route to day care and then work, she stopped to pick up donuts for the get together.  With all that she had going on in her mind, this was enough to throw her off track with her usual routine, and she forgot she hadn’t taken the sleeping baby in the back seat to daycare yet and headed on out to work, still forgetting the child until she discovered it after work.

Now,  this story just made me sick inside.  To me, it was a cautionary tale too about our busy lives and how they balloon out of control all too often.  In this case, the result was tragic.  Devastating for all involved.  I wondered how on earth this woman was going to go on.  The thought of the baby’s death was horrid. The thought of the mother’s guilt, bottomless, I imagine.  I’d like to think I could never be that air headed and forgetful.  I’d like to think that I always have my children utmost in my thoughts and I would never forget and leave them in a car.  In my case, it is unlikely because they are just too dang noisy.  If they were to sleep, the magic of silence would probably keep the thought that the child was there in my mind.  But, what if?  I am also the epitome of air headed.  That thought makes me really uncomfortable.  That my air-headedness could actually lead to a true tragedy. It strikes fear in my heart.

When I read this article, I also read some of the comments.  One in particular was extremely scathing and angry.  Pretty much, every time I read comments to articles there are at least a few very angry, ruthless commentaries.  I have to think, when I read these, that underneath the anger, almost always, at the root is a fear.  Fear of something, discomfort at something we don’t want to accept or consider.  So, when issues get you angry, think.  What is it that i’m afraid of?

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The Ground Rules

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I don’t like conflict.  So, if we are to have a happy home here, we need to establish some rules before we all break out in a cyber food fight or start throwing virtual breakables around.  We all aspire to have a place where we feel safe and secure.  In order to do that, the others in our home need to take an interest,  listen to us and understand us.  Our ideas need to be respected.  We may not agree at all, but we need to try to understand and respect.  We need to disagree politely.  Our own ideas need to be expressed in a respectful way as well if we expect interest, understanding and respect.  On the other hand, if any change is going to take place, we need to really consider opposing ideas and analyse them.  Try not to immediately assume the worst and get mad at what you may consider insensitive comments or wrong opinions, etc.  Give each other the benefit of the doubt.  (Maybe they were sleepwalking when they posted that. ) Look for common ground.  Look for compromise on uncommon grounds.  Be willing to take risks and throw out absurd ideas to help the creative juices flow.  If you feel a need to fight or scream, you can go to your room (ie, your own blog, real live home, etc and scream and vent all you’d like) .  Disrespectful venting here will land you in the sidebar for a “TIme Out”.   We can use a few codes like JK=just kidding if we want to throw in some humor, or JBS=just brainstorming to throw out ideas we know might not be doable, but we just need to get some ideas flowing.  Any suggestions to these rules?  Comment!

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