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When I saw the book and the table of contents of this book, I thought someone had done me a favor and written my book for me on what I thought of the crazy materialistic society I find myself in. So, I was surprised when I read this to find that although it did say a lot of stuff I would say, it also said a lot of stuff I would not say. It is a fun read. The premise is clever and it reads fast, but I am afraid that most conservatives will not make it more than twenty pages into the book before they throw up and put it down. Being more of a moderate and a tolerant person at that, I waded through the global warming stuff and the blaming republicans stuff and got to the good stuff. I really suggest you all do the same, because the underpinnings are exactly about the things we need to talk about and think about and work on improving in our society. So, I think I need to tell the story here from my point of view. Considering the fact that I have been slow to post, slow to drum up any kind of readership, and slow to make a little cute icon for my blog and all, I think I will be slower about everything, and take a leisurely stroll through the subjects presented in this book over the course of the summer. With any luck, I’ll get my act together by fall. Stay tuned.


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2 Responses to “Affluenza”

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Fall sounds good after all a Think Tank needs to think. I do drop in daily to see what is on the post. I have enjoyed your insight so far.

Joel Achenbach once wrote, “The problem with affluence is it is so expensive.” I laugh every time I think of it.

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