My name is Shellie and I’m a forty something wife and mother to 5 children.  I’m coming out of a fog of chaos after having the last 4 in less than 3 years. The babies are 6 now.  Amazing what happens when they’re all in school, you get a few moments to think for yourself again.  I’m still pretty tied to home, and don’t want to commit to much else, and blogging is a great way for me to interact with the world on my own time, in my own home.

For a long time I have thought of having a forum or place to share thoughts on social issues and current events, and civilization in general.  I didn’t really want to muck up my blog where I’m trying to leave a sense of who I am and what our life was like for my kids,and shoot the breeze on.  It already seemed cluttered enough without throwing this into the mix.  So, I’d thought of setting up a little think tank, to share info and ideas with other moms.  Then around election time, I’d totally had it with politics and the donkeys and elephants.  So, I threw out the crazy idea of having another kind of party.  The purple party.And here’s what I said: We’ll call it the FLY Country party. (In case you’re not aware of Flylady, fly stands for finally loving your(self) cut that last syllable off now and just add country! And just like fly lady, we are all about ending the chaos, and whipping this place into shape. We will not run for office, because we are all too busy running our homes in this party. This is not a political party, but a brainstorming party. A sort of tea party of the minds. We will deal with where politics and government best deal with social issues and where we’d be better off having someone else work on it, like US, the moms! You know, we, the moms, miss out on a whole lot of what goes on and play an inactive role in the biggest issues facing society because we are too busy raising our kids. If it weren’t for that, we would have whipped the world into shape by now. But, we wield the biggest influence, because we are the ones teaching the future generation. SO, what if by the magic of the internet we had a place to go to and link some good or bad info we found or voice a concern over some issue or offer a recap on something we are well versed in? What if we posted ideas large and small that might help? Pretty soon there would be a truckload of more informed moms out there wielding their super powers for good. So, that’s what the Purple party plans to do. Coming soon to a blog near you.  And here’s that blog.  Hopefully, if like the field of dreams, “if you build it they will come” people contribute a lot to this site, it will be great. Who knows, maybe we’ll even save the world. Other wise, it will be my own private sounding board.  Ready for the ride?  What issues concern you?  Education, health care, disabilities, race relations, religion, politics, global warming, potty training?  Going green, lifestyles, campaign finance, world hunger, political correctness, text messaging, too much kool-aid?  It doesn’t matter if the issue is small or large. Bring it on.  Share your sources, share your opinions, share your questions, share your answers.  Often, I find as a busy mom I don’t have time to find out more info on an issue that interests me or concerns me.  If we can help each other out here by posting links or sources to good information, or summarizing a book or article we read, we can help each other.  I don’t expect we will agree on many things, but if we can look for the most objective material possible or state  for example that we have read a piece that leans to the left or right of an issue, at least it is open information.  So, let’s look up out there to the world beyond the diapers and the toothpaste all over the toilet seat and find out what we can do about what we see out there.  It will make our daily grind seem so much simpler, at the least.  There is always something we can do individually or as a mother or as a family to make the world a better place.  Let’s explore and find those things together. Comment here, and I’ll add you to my blogroll.  Send any post or link you want to publish here to littlebutloud@yahoo.com.


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