The Ground Rules

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I don’t like conflict.  So, if we are to have a happy home here, we need to establish some rules before we all break out in a cyber food fight or start throwing virtual breakables around.  We all aspire to have a place where we feel safe and secure.  In order to do that, the others in our home need to take an interest,  listen to us and understand us.  Our ideas need to be respected.  We may not agree at all, but we need to try to understand and respect.  We need to disagree politely.  Our own ideas need to be expressed in a respectful way as well if we expect interest, understanding and respect.  On the other hand, if any change is going to take place, we need to really consider opposing ideas and analyse them.  Try not to immediately assume the worst and get mad at what you may consider insensitive comments or wrong opinions, etc.  Give each other the benefit of the doubt.  (Maybe they were sleepwalking when they posted that. ) Look for common ground.  Look for compromise on uncommon grounds.  Be willing to take risks and throw out absurd ideas to help the creative juices flow.  If you feel a need to fight or scream, you can go to your room (ie, your own blog, real live home, etc and scream and vent all you’d like) .  Disrespectful venting here will land you in the sidebar for a “TIme Out”.   We can use a few codes like JK=just kidding if we want to throw in some humor, or JBS=just brainstorming to throw out ideas we know might not be doable, but we just need to get some ideas flowing.  Any suggestions to these rules?  Comment!

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