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Um, I’m just a dumb housewife and all but would someone explain to me why there is so much arguing over how to jump start the economy.  One camp seems to be intent on lowering (or eliminating) capital gains taxes and another on putting some (or a whole truckload of) money into public works to create jobs.  Would it be possible to just do both? Or would that somehow be clipping the one thread holding everything together and cause mass chaos?  Just curious. Please fill me in, someone.

Here’s another question.  Where do you get your news from?  What do you consider the most reliable sources to turn to when you want to get informed on whatever news or issues are out there? Just curious, again.

OK, here’s a doozie.  What do you think is the best way to eliminate terrorism around the globe?  I was hearing a very interesting commentary on this, and the interviewee was saying we need to get to the root of the problem if we are ever going to solve it, and that is when someone changed the channel on me.  Now I know what the root of the problem is with my HOME, but not with terrorism.  What do YOU think the root is?

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